Class notes 9/15

NMD notes 9/15

Sound image projects

  • connect music to images.
  • Finding the song first allows you to find pictures that makes it look like it was made for each other. That makes it seem connected
  • /the flow of images and the flow music should make to make an effective message
  • the images can be related to the tempo of the music. More aggressive tempo more aggressive pictures
  • good sound image projects convey a message and show people what the creator wanted to tell
  • sound image project can be about almost anything
  • try to keep it under 3 mins
  • can incorporate pictures and art together. And make everything flow together
  • can transition between music if it fits what is occurring
  • can be funny
  • the message you want to right can be crazy or awesome
  • you can use drawing pictures or your own pictures or anything crazy in between I can think about it
  • get a drawing tablet
  • Hardcore music makes it rock

This projects were very interesting. Personally I found the hand drawn projects a lot more engaging than projects using regular photos. I found the normal pictures kinda of boring because no real work used to create the show beyond the searching of the photos. They did take the effort to find the photos but the hand drawn show were more interesting because more ownership and direct meaning was associated with each picture. The combination of harder more emotional music also increased the impact of those projects. I hope my project when completed can become similar to one of those more deep and insightful results. I want my result to mirror some sort of inner feelings and I might want to incorporate some sort of intense shock that leaves the viewer guessing.

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