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Week thirteen reading three

In Cybertherapy, Avatars Assist With Healing Reaction by Jordan Guy This seems like a very novel approach to therapy. It makes sense in a way because people can reveal what every they want. There is not threat of intimidation from … Continue reading

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linkedin reading

The Social Network That Gets Down to Business LinkedIn sounds like a corporate version of Facebook, in a good way. It uses the benefits of bring people together to mover people onward in there lives. I’m glad that tools like … Continue reading

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To Win Over Users, Gadgets Have to Be Touchable Touchable interfaces are just the step forward of user interfaces. Interfaces began as awkward tools that never really felt right. The mouse became closer but it never was perfect. Touching just … Continue reading

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Op-Ed Contributor: Google’s Earth Google is massive, but I have never thought of it in the way William Gibson is describing. Its a very interesting concept to think that google is using us to achieve its own ends. I like … Continue reading

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