Jordan Guy

NMD 100

class notes 12/1

Ron Kozlowski


  • guest speaker who worked with mike scott
  • works in biology with new media
  • finding new ways to do science
  • synapse 2.0 was his overall goal. Its what he wanted to do from the beginning
  • he create synapse as a way to store information
  • the change of platforms is hard to build around
  • he build using CSX and things like that
  • The use of adobe illustrator will become more prominent over time because of it scalability
  • every user has the ability to store all the information they want online
  • his system is model after a nerve system. His system Is also module located
  • he can create new axions with in his system to change what information he has up
  • he created a API which allows for people to create any kind of new axion
  • uses flash video because it is the easiest. Moved away from quick time because it didn’t work well at all
  • he has a chat application so that he can instantly communicate with people
  • he build upon what google wave had and made it better. He called it communique
  • his communication system can be used with any sort of embedded information
  • all modular system which is really easily used
  • very simple to create with their system
  • by doing modular development you don’t redevelop the wheel you just use what is already their
  • high level of customization
  • high level of communication
  • thing called progression is the same as course content
  • progression contains all of the important information
  • the pictures online are not actually pictures or actual documents they are images
  • uses final cut sever thing to accomplish a lot of images things
  • all of his stuff is copyrighted but its ok because its being used for a learning process
  • MIT has open source material that anyone can learn
  • lots of coding in modular system which rocks


I am interesting in programing so this information was very exciting for me. He talked a lot about the scalability of Adobe illustrator and its abilities, that made me excited because I use illustrator a lot. I liked hearing about his ideas and how he made his site because it directly correlated to what I was learning in other classes. His site seemed to do everything the hope it to do and more. One of his core tenets was the sites modular ability. He allowed for it to be changed on the fly which in the end creates better content. Anyone can go to his site and build better content however they want. This type of open development allows for the best content because everyone with a good idea can contribute.

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