Jordan Guy

Class notes 11/29

Jon Optiotoe


  • cheating is the pedagogy of the internet
  • the internet allows us to find what ever information we want
  • the internet is based around the idea of copying information
  • the internet allows for people to put together their information to make the truth
  • a form of new media is allowing multiple people to put information together to build a new form of information
  • new media is the sharing of information or putting information together
  • Kinect is being hacked to create better interfaces
  • NMD. Net is sharing of new media information
  • some people have been very creative with their capstones and are using new ideas to create a better things that what we actually had.
  • NMD . Net offers innovative chances
  • the minorities allows institute changes
  • the people with less power try to use their tools to institute change


notes from bill


  • Richard Nixon had a fund that he used to power his political career
  • Nixon saved his career by talking on TV
  • he used the new technology to his advantage
  • the broad cast media is using the way to talk directly to the people
  • Richard Nixon connect to the masses of the people by showing a common factor of themselves
  • the new use of technology allowed for better uses of political campaigning
  • TV began to change the way people shared information



The improvement of ideas that we already have is how we advance. Occasionally a original idea does come along and change how we think but for the most part we, as a species, just change what we already have. We move ideas forward and call it advancement. The tools we have change with the time but what we do with those tools always remain the same. We always strive for change.


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