Jordan Guy

Class Notes 11/22

NMD 100

Adam K.


  • the concept of long takes in which a director just films an entire movie with no takes
  • Alfred Hitchcock tried to make a movie like that but due to the current tech he could only tape portions of the movie
  • one film by the Italians or greeks made an intense drama film in one take that was really good. Pvcp or something like that
  • okgo does a lot of their stuff in one take
  • a lot of people are trying to do their things in one take
  • intense one take scenes can improve the excitement if done well
  • the idea of one takes add to the story because its actually showing the entire story
  • long takes are harder to make because everything that has to happen for it to be right the first time. That takes a lot of planning
  • a pointer scene directors the entire movie its a focus of information
  • very simple camera movements controls the whole scene
  • look up the graduate
  • catch 22 tells a narrative but its not clear. Simple camera rotation to take in the entire scene. Simple movements make the scene feel connected.
  • Catch has a pretty intense back drop
  • gives you a first person view point. Sound is weird because it was meant to be
  • a long shot takes a lot of preparation and intense skills for it to become perfect
  • the idea of a one take puts the viewer into the scene. For a better sense of reality it builds a better scene



One takes as a concept are very interesting. I defiantly felt what Adam was taking about. I wanted a cut. I was beginning for a cut so that my eyes could relax. I felt like if I shut my eyes for even a portion of a second I would miss something. Before hearing this lecture I never knew such a concept existed and now I look for it every where. I respect when a good one shot comes together because it takes so much effort for that to happen.

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