Jordan Guy

Class notes 11/17

NMD 100

notes on movie editing

  • editors have the ability to create a story from the filming
  • editors work in frames that only last for one 24 of a second
  • every frame is important
  • the development of editing has evolved over the years, at first they were not important
  • but now they are actually partners with the directors
  • the development of editing has had several periods of improvement from what has already occurred
  • one of the big things that the russians developed was the idea of not seamless editing so that people understood they were watching a movies
  • the idea of justification created the idea of taking an image of one person and then connecting those people and that image to another person
  • isentstine was a famous russian developer that created the idea of a rough kinda of forced cut in between images
  • editing techniques from the past have influenced every thing editors do now
  • editing can create an emotion that people can relate too
  • what we see in a movie is only a small portion of what is actually seen
  • movies can connect people quickly and have a holistic effect on the audience
  • creating stress and emotions is one of the most important effect of the movies. We want stress because it effects us as an audience
  • the images and sound have developed together to create a better sequence
  • the effects of sound editing can create more tension and a stronger effect
  • music has helped the ability of images to create a better effect
  • in the past the director had no relation with the editor
  • the editors have created the importance of actors by taking the most important scenes
  • some actors have been in the allowed in the editing room and most people do not think that is right.

Class notes 11/19 still same movie

  • many people had to follow the rules of viewing things. Like you had to do a certain amount of shots from the right angles in an order
  • but people began to break the rules of the order of cutting to create more dramatic action
  • people began to experiment to create more that what had already occurred
  • now about cutting sex scenes
  • the 60s and 70s allowed for more sexual thoughts and
  • movies could become more erotic
  • and movies like body heat did. Its pretty creepy in the way it approached it
  • cutting sex scenes is hard because every one has an opinion of what is sexy
  • cutting to interrupt scenes makes it more exciting which is a move away from continuous time cutting
  • more cutting quickly allowed for a better flow of movies
  • more action has developed over time, the concept of fast cutting allows cor more action
  • people of my generation have developed the ability to understand things faster
  • all art is technology
  • and some time the art of editing is also when not to cut
  • the art of editing makes the art of story into a real story
  • editing can make more dramatic scenes in to better effects
  • the film itself kinda of combines a real story
  • the elements of editing have developed over the
  • the process of editing is creating another world
  • editors now are just as important as any other par t of a movie
  • techniques that have developed over time have been repeated to everything that occurs now

Before this movie I never really understood how important editors are to the movie making process. I never though editors were equal to directors in terms of power. What ever the directors do can be cut to pieces by the editors. In most cases it is up to the editor to say what stays and what goes, and that power in itself is ridiculous. The movie was definitely correct when it said that editors have been in the background for far too long. They deserve equal recognition in comparison to the directors. A editor makes an actor not the other way around and I think its unfair how little people actual understand about the editors job. I learned how to edit while making my sound image project and that only helped to deepen my respect for the job of an editor. An editor can change the focus, the ideas connected to the movie, and almost every other aspect of the movie during the period of his job.

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