Jordan Guy

NMD 100

Class notes 11/15

  • The idea of creating images has been around for a really long time.
  • People have manipulated the images of photos to find a better picture
  • people put to images together to make a more powerful photo
  • combined photos are composites
  • the fight of doctored photos have existed for a long time.
  • Pictures give power but if they are not true they can be bad
  • individual images can have huge impacts
  • uses of images creates myths through good usage
  • tools of persuasion
  • the use of photos can create myths about people
  • the use of photos can make fun of people, because photos can be taken at anytime
  • modern presidents have had the ability to influence how their photos are taken.
  • Presidents have influenced the use of good images in the background
  • some photos can point out wrongs of society
  • muckraking sometimes does not help anything
  • this wave of new media has not profession people making sensation images
  • the study of the human condition have been around for a really long time. People want to see what we actually are
  • The bike riders is a very famous book that told the story of a biker gang
  • Some of these photos were very primitive. It involved very personal acts being published
  • some people use the aspect of new media to influence the relationship of people to the land
  • lots of photos of bad conditions have change our society
  • some images of real life things are pretty creazy
  • Money power respect
  • brenda ann something. Look it up
  • media storm is a way to connect people to images, its a very interesting thing
  • the creator of media storm is a huge success
  • media storm connects people to
    • Pictures have power. Pictures can create a truth for people to believe or follow. A properly created photo can invoke feelings far beyond what the actual photo is. That power is used often by advertisers and public relations people to create a positive image. What they do is not lying, they manipulate. They can manipulate what they have to create something new. I think the better use of what you have, the better off you will be. These advertisers use what they have to its fullest extent and it shows.
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