Jordan Guy

NMD 100

Class notes 11/12


  • film truth
  • the film showed the truth because it was in a real space
  • russians pioneered the field of making films in which people traveled around and made a film that was on the sense
  • Harold Edgerton invents the electronic flash
  • stereoscopic light takes slow photos
  • flashing of quarter moving. Its cool!
  • Sound tripper allows for pictures at a current moment
  • shutters can change the truth that people see
  • the quality of the image can improve with good shutters and pictures
  • some of these photos were interesting and people liked it. People were drawing in the air and you could see image in the air.
  • Some of these photos were taking a lot of issues to make a cool photo.
  • Isador duncan
  • environmental portraits are incorporating people with images
  • there was this one photo in which a person was wearing a gown which created a real bluing effect
  • photos can be really cool but true at the same time
  • realistic photos create cool images. But lying in those photos is not good.
  • paparazzo became to exist
  • the images of people interacting with lower and higher classes are really funny


The invention of a timed shutter allowed for the manipulation of how the truth of a image was shown. This shutters allowed for pictures at such a speed that a human eye could never see. In a way, we began to see things like never before. I would like to see where our technologies from where they are now because the development from what cameras were to what we have now, is ridiculous. I just wonder where we will end up.


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