Jordan Guy

Class notes

11/ 8


  • journalists have become convergences
  • they began to do more than one thing
  • instead of just reporting they have began to report while filming while posting it to the internet
  • because the model of paying with advertising is no longer working, journalist people think they need more info vs. more quality
  • strengths of corporate journalism- continuity and historical perspective, experts in the reporting process, strong professional values, committed workers, economic vase that underwrites research and field work
  • weaknesses of corporate journalism- can be influenced by corporate ownership, diminishing numbers of publications and reporters, vision may be limited by outdates sense of what is news, lack of diversity
  • in comparison to the citizen media
  • strengths- enthusiasm, diverse cultural perspectives, wide range of age groups, less influenced by institutional biases, specialized knowledge in selected disciplines and interest areas
  • weaknesses- inexperience, lack of professional values, tendency to explore only areas of narrow personal interests, tendency to mix opinion with reporting, weak economic base limits continuity and ability to tackle tough topics
  • the shift form right to left learning people changed us from a female way of thinking to a male perspective
  • the use of the printing press changed the societies it was created in. like people with words told stories with words but the people with out words told stories with images
  • this created a shift of peoples ideas and how they thought about each other
  • people believed in weird traditions instead of traditional ideas. Its weird.
  • Traditions have changed due to several different uses of technology and ideas
  • people don’t know how they will react in extreme circumstances until they are in one
  • people are weird because we think we wont believe in lies but we do. Time and time again
  • cults are bad because people think they know what is true. But people never know exactly what to think
  • some times he jumps all over the place
  • ok now we are talking about photography.
  • Idk mi not just that into it
  • we have had cameras for a while
  • cameras used to be made out of cabinets
  • photography was a big deal.
  • It used to be a ritual of they day
  • we had sky cameras way back because people would lean out of planes with these huge cameras and take photos
  • illustrations are funny because they think they are photos


I thinks it is funny when people expect journalism to be unbiased. It is not possible. Everyone has a bias. It is part of what makes everyone of us an individual. Any form of media needs an income to reproduce itself and for that income to constantly come in, investors expect something. I do not think any type of media can be completely unbiased but some things have came close. I think to find the true truth behind a topic, it needs to be seen from many sides. I understand that some people do not have the time to find the actual truth but it does exist.

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