Jordan Guy

Class Notes



  • the use of new media had influenced every important element of history
  • politicians use new media to look good
  • Harpers weekly still exists today
  • because some day we will help create news and information
  • the 1830 were a very important time because people were begging to read and a lot of information was being produced
  • immigration was very big of the time
  • public information was rampant
  • news paper evolved as a free product
  • Benjamin day invented a method of creating blocks of gray and colors using dot screens
  • appealing to the lowest common denominator of human sensibility
  • yellow journalism was termed at this time
  • Joseph Pulitzer made a bad newspaper but he created the newspaper prize for the best journalism ever
  • william randolph Hearst was the model for citizen Kane
  • Henry Kuce created time, fortune, life and sports illustrated
  • he made magazines for people who were busy
  • issues with sending information was an issue no matter when it occurred.
  • People made information very important
  • Time life almost failed because they had contracts that were unexpected of how popular they thought they were going to be.
  • Luce was raised by Chinese
  • USA today is good because its only a bit of depth but its a ton of information
  • well they made a thing called the newseum which is like a museum of information
  • weird
  • o and now we are talking about the big 6
  • its lame I learned dis in other class
  • deep pockets because they build a lot of stuff
  • people are making people pay money. Which make me sad.
  • O and I hate Rupert Mordock
  • some people make cool shit
  • and he keeps talking about porno
  • weird


I value public information. For the most part I believe if someone has an idea, it should be shared. I think if a person with a good idea can find other people that believe in that same idea, anything can be accomplished. I do not thing that one person can have a perfect idea. I believe that every idea could be made better with the help of others. This sharing of information during that time period was the beginning of almost everything we have now. Public information has always changed the world and it will continue until that information is no longer important. Magazines can act as inspiration for whomever reads them.

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