Jordan Guy

Class notes 11/3


  • words changed our perception
  • lettering on Trajan column was inspiration for modern letter forms
  • it created times new roman, what this is written in
  • the type face is very important because it says a lot about a person
  • over time the changing of type face makes differences that could identify when and where a type is produced
  • Gutenberg printed from moveable, metal type in 1450
  • a system of movable type so letters could be arranged in any order and reused as needed.
  • A method of making these pieces in quantity easily and accurately
  • method of holding type in place for printing
  • a system of making type impressions on paper
  • an ink that would make a readable impression from type to paper
  • all what Gutenberg did
  • all very important things because what he did changed everything we have now
  • elements of most of our world exist for a reason
  • some founts change based on their structure
  • type can have a color based on the thickness and the dimensions of type
  • an x height is the tallness of most letters body
  • ligatures are the combination of two letters
  • type styles can exist, like bold or italic
  • Leading is the drape between lines
  • functions of text allow for more interesting letters
  • letter presses still exist


This was a very informative class. It was a combination of not understanding the history of type faces and just never thinking about it. But thinking about all this information now, makes everything from the past fit. It was just more of realizing how much words themselves have changed our society for the better and also just changing what we were. I think because of this class I began to think of art as more of a art form. There is a lot more to writing then most people ever understand.

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