Jordan Guy

NMD 100

class notes 11/10


  • Mathew Brady set up a photo study and made a bunch of money
  • he used celebrity to attract attention to his work
  • civil war photos were pretty exciting
  • but over the course of the war people started to hate the photos because they didn’t want to see any more of the war
  • the process of taking photo was really long so that photos of movement was to hard
  • gardner moved body’s to make a better photo
  • after civil war era it became the dance with wolves era
  • lots of people went to the west
  • photos of the west were made perfect to attract people to something that does not really exist
  • roi return on investment
  • people wanted to motivate people to go west. It was all about money
  • Indians did some crazy things to people. And its pretty scary
  • photos of mountains helped create nation park system
  • when william Henry jackson was traveling to the west he could only take 100 photos so he made sure the ones he took were the best
  • steam boats on the Mississippi were sweet. It was a really important time
  • the taking of photos were a precursor to the magazines
  • holy crud, there was a photo with a tree through a house
  • the art of photography can influence feelings if its done well
  • lewis carol made alice in wonder land but he also liked little girls. Hes kinda of weird. Like he took photos of the little girls. Its kinda of creepy
  • the photos of immigrants showed ignorant people how the other half really lives
  • some of these early photographers took candid photos of life actually happening
  • upper class and lower class issues were running rampant
  • photos showed issues like children labor
  • most of the photos existed for a purpose
  • a lot of candid photos began to rise when the tech of photos allowed for a quicker time
  • Hungarians made a lot of elements that developed what we consider film today
  • photos influenced a lot of what we say today


    Photography as a medium has been used for many purposes over the years. As a medium it has nobel intentions but bending the truth is such a controversial topic that it changes everything. Photography is weird medium because people want to believe what you can see with your eyes but if your eyes are lying to you, nothing make sense. Photos can tell what was there but the intentions behind every photo may not be as clear as the image.

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