Jordan Guy

NMD 100

Class notes 11/1

  • words allowed the greeks to create a real society
  • Alexander the great brought a very classical view point to the world
  • a huge amount of knowledge was collected over time. Which all had to do with reasoning and logical thinking. Alexanders library had a huge amount of knowledge.
  • Egypt’s burnt down the whole library
  • the development of Judaism was a huge advancement because it allowed for a central religion. But before that time people believed in women gods just as much as male gods. The importance of women was diminishing
  • the development of a concrete religion is due to the invention of a portable belief
  • Judaism was the first religion that started everything else in a way.
  • Jesus was not literate. He did not write anything he just worked in an oral tradition.
  • Paul was the reason we heard most of jesus’s teachings. He wrote most of what he said and gave it a meaning. He gave it a body of writing. But most of it was his interpretation instead of what jesus actually said
  • most people interpreted what jesus said to create what they wanted.
  • After the fall of rome it took like 1000 years to bring back that collection of knowledge.
  • So that knowledge led them to believe that they should free the rest of the world
  • the crusades did not really achieve anything
  • but when they found these cultures they did find the element of the their society that began to change the way they were thinking. New culture and ideas from the middle east changes how the europeans began to think
  • Ireland had a hugh amount of knowledge that it shared with the rest of the world
  • Gutenberg was very important because he changed a wine press so that he could print stuff
  • but when the bible was being printed in the common words people started to read it them selves
  • people had to chose between church or army. It was not that hard to choose
  • some people began to change the church because they they things were going wrong
  • the changes occurring in the 1500 influence how we think now
  • public teaching was very important
  • and because they government was teaching the people the government could change what people thought
  • commerce began to develop.
  • The more knowledge began to develop the more advancements we had
  • people had to recant their ideas because the church did not allow for other information
  • we were a weird race of beings.
  • Changes have occurred over time because we began to advance forward due to the collection of knowledge
  • non-violent protesters required public viewing so that it could succeed
  • the seeking of knowledge led to the changes of our society

After this class I began to wonder. Where would we be now if all the information that had collected over the years had stayed? What would we as a species be doing if all of our information had been storied and passed on year after year? All of these ancient civilization had ideas and great uses of items that almost equaled us now in measure. If all that information had stayed how would we have changed? Also this makes me afraid of what could occur. If our civilization was to fall what would happen to everything we have worked for? Is there any way to make sure what we have learned lasts forever?

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