Jordan Guy

Class notes


speaker from last Wednesday came back

  • reception theory
  • the new inventions or ideas are not needed we need to make people believe that they need a product.
  • Photographs should inform
  • photography documents exactly what occurs
  • a book developed in the 1400 was about the theory of painting, color theory, and other painting things like that
  • taking images have been around for a really long time. Old cameras have existed for a great amount of time
  • the exception of paining was that we can take things that are theoretical can be put in the real world
  • the notion of mapping is like a photograph because it relays information
  • we expect information from photos and can be a form of memory.
  • Photos can shape our memory’s
  • The notion of photos allows for seeing something we can not really see with our being in danger
  • the capacity of painting shows us more than what we can see at the moment .
  • Photographs allow to see something that we are not allowed to really see
  • painting allows for seeing something objectively
  • like landscapes
  • the photographer needs to be someone who can step away from the scene and exist outside of it
  • photographs create an idea of a scene instead of what is actually occurring
  • women stay in the house
  • some painting instead of finding the idealizes life people begin to show real life actions.
  • Some people only want see what actually happens
  • men should not look at Dianne (artemis)
  • photography and painting have similar purposes
  • new media allowed for the invasion of new things that we can not see
  • photograph shows a romanticism image. Its not true but we can believe it is
  • romantic eye views were brought into mainstream view
  • camera obsucura. Using a dark cube and a pin hole. Look it up

I like learning that most of the techniques and ideas we have now are based on ideas that were developed hundreds of years ago. It shows that even though we are moving forward, humans still stay the same. There is a quality about us that never really changes. Learning how some pictures show the truth while others show the truth we want is a really interesting. I was very intrigued to see how to manipulate the truth so that people can see what they want to see. I know painting and photography are supposed to be similar but I see them as very different mediums. What they achieve may be similar but how they achieve those goals is so different I don’t think I could ever see them in the same light.

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