Jordan Guy

Class notes



The impact language, writing, and publishing on humans


The blog is one of the most common form of expression and media


Many funny cartoons about blogs




2/3of blogger are male


60%are between 18-44


75%college degrees


40%of those have graduate degrees


Many of them have fairly high salaries


Over are married


of all bloggers are in the US


Many bloggers don’t have a background in traditional media


60% to 80% of blogs are abandoned within the first year


Social networking accounts for 22% of internet use


Wikinews- a news website in which the users run the website and what is on the news feeds


This had drawn heat from copyright


Copyleft- you can have it no strings attached


Copyright- you can have and modify, but you must give credit


Speech is a form of new media??


First spoken words we see as grunting like in the Tarzan movies


Then reached heights like Shakespeare


Monkeys have a language that involves different pitched yelps to warn of attackers of predators


Papua-New Guinea has over 850 languages


Only a population of 7 million


Poetry is an early “new medium”


Sacristies was against literature


It hurts out ability to remember things


Same thing Raphael talked about


Rosetta Stone


Example of a Steel


A form of public announcement

Contained same announcement, but in 3 different languages


Many big trading countries had their own languages


Ghandi- All innovation begins with minorities


The Greeks revolutionized the written language by adding vowel


Helped evolve the culture to a point of greatness



The creation of words allowed for the creation of expression. I am sure people could express themselves before words but with words, we began to express how we felt at another level. Blogging is a cheap and affordable way for masses of people to express themselves. This has become popular because everyone has feelings and ideas that they have deemed important. Everyones idea may not be important but by getting those ideas out there, those ideas may become important to someone. It only takes one idea to influence the changing of a industry.

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