Jordan Guy

Class notes 10/22

Guest Speaker – Raphael D


  • at the age of nine he began to practice drawing at a professional level.

  • After high school he had his own comic strip and made good money

  • and then he went to college

  • at college he found fine art

  • he began to paint at a professional level and he made a lot of money

  • and then he began to teach

  • he thought an intro to photo shop class. He kinda of created the 104 class ill be taking soon

  • and then he began experiencing with time based art

  • then he began to VJ. Which is a type of overlaying video over other videos and then editing them and changing them

  • VJ is kind like DJing. Like mixing music and other music to form a new thing. It has to do with projecting images of other images and creating a new thing.

  • Look VJing up on line

  • there is some very interesting stuff using a projector on a building and then making it look crazy

  • anti vjing is an act that prevents people from making money using projectors

  • this one program he showed us was that while using an ipod to control an overall project image that can be controlled by several people all at the same time while they are fighting each other

  • enjoy college because I can enjoy filling my mind with everything

  • teachers have some knowledge but they don’t have everything

  • noble professions- teaching because you help people with the knowledge you learned from college

  • artists- giving back messages and trying to effect people emotionally

  • giving back to society- trying to change the world

  • use ours tools to move our world to a real democracy.

  • Make games that are useful or fun.

  • Something that is meant to entertain is entertainment. Its not art. It needs to have meaning. Its a fine line between trying to make money and being entertaining or trying to have a real meaning

  • anything that has a purpose of making money or entertaining is not art. Something that has to do with a single purpose like killing or trying to avoid being killed it is an entertainment. Which is not art. But if a game can create without being entertainment and has some purpose it can be art



I’m not sure what about Raphael makes his lectures enjoyable but there are very engaging. What he has shown us and a combination of his explanations. I like the way he sees the world and I enjoy hearing from his point of view. I can connect to his artist point of view because I like to see things in a similar way. He has some very intersting ideas and hearing about vjing made me think in new ways. I was so intrigued by his ideas I wanted to hear his opinion on video games and he did not disappoint.

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