Jordan Guy

Class notes 10/27

Micheal Grillo


  • What drives new media
  • sees it as a way to full fill what the old media did but it also allows for more possibility then the old media allowed
  • the idea of a mosaic allowed for the telling of story’s with a great display of showing wealth
  • it was a huge deal to have your own mosaic because they rocked
  • the churches allowed for a regional specialty but it still had a familiarity
  • fresco allowed for a similar meaning but it was fast and it was cheap
  • fresco brought more to a picture
  • early adopters had to put up with a huge amount of problems
  • fresco began to decay quickly in compared to a mosaic
  • a fresco allowed for the study of a whole instead of a small picture
  • the more time spent practicing the fresco the more it expand
  • it began to encompass more information and it told a greater story
  • the fresco was due to a certain condition that allowed it to come around it.
  • Oil painting was a new medium of the time
  • tempera painting had to do with the use of a egg yolk which allowed for a great use of small details
  • oil painting was all about the small images
  • it all about hyper realistic
  • van Eyck paintings are ridiculous
  • even word processing is has developed so that it is like graphic designing
  • oil painting allowed for total holistic painting. The image was now a whole. Everything was connected instead of the fragmentation of fresco painting
  • connections between the new medias always filter back into the old mediums.
  • Everything is connected
  • prints were all about a cheap way to create a bunch of the same images
  • finer lines are allowed when the woods are put grain up and you allow for a much finer line
  • printing allows for a copied image over and over because its so cheap
  • the more popular a image the more popular the copies
  • the advancement of image allow for more things including the expand meant of the exotic or something more than what we already see
  • information is passed through a filter so that the people see what they want to see instead of what actually exists
  • the believable changes over time
  • pictures can begin to lie about the actual truth of what exists


I enjoyed seeing the different kinds of paintings being developed over the years. I was interested watching the ability and types of paintings changing as the times moved forward. I definitely see the correlation between the changing of painting ability to changing technologies that occur now. I definitely began to think what would come next. What will replace our current technologies? Or what will carry our abilities to even higher areas?

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