Class notes 10/20


Jordan Guy

Class notes 10/20

guest speaker – Raphael DiLuzio


  • he started off painting since the age of 9. that was his strong back ground
  • students in new media are self directed
  • anything that creates a new form of media is called new media. Any form of creating new forms of information being transferred is new media
  • the idea of writing ruined our memory
  • other civilizations were very advanced for their time
  • peck end memory- you remember the most important, the peck, part. The peak is the best part. And then you remember the end thing. Whatever happened in the end is remember with the peak
  • people have issues remembering things.
  • New media is a handy caping device. It prevents us from remembering what we should have known. It does not strengthen us. It takes away our ability to really comprehend knowledge
  • words are a form of breaking down information. Binary breaks it down further.
  • Words function by connecting words to ideas
  • we encode words with meaning and when we hear a word we decode it to create something more
  • semiotics the idea that letters effect what comes after and before. Like a “c” means nothing but when an “a” and a “t” are added to the “c”, the “c” become modified. Words modify each and every word
  • words modify every other word to change the meaning
  • challenge yourself to make your spare time worth your while. Find a way that makes responsible time using things
  • do things that are valuable, make your time count
  • when we began to boil and cook our food we began to modify our own bodies
  • tautology is using the word to define itself
  • game theory- look it up.
  • Games create adrenal
  • men make things because they cant make babies. Were are jealous of their ability to create
  • he injects things into his body to make himself work better
  • his work interacted with his mind



I enjoyed hearing from this professor. He brought up some very good ideas that I enjoyed hearing from. His ideas about relationships between words and the meanings of words were very interesting. The idea that a letter by itself has no meaning is right. A letter means nothing by itself but when other letters connected to that original letter changes the meaning. Ideas of meanings were created by other people. We make our meanings to make sense. Because with out meaning we do not have a sense of understanding. This professors delivery of his teaching was very interesting. He teaches in a understandable way that I found very entertaining. The way he presented his ideas made me really think about

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