class notes 10/18

Jordan Guy

Class notes



guest speaker mark wellman

  • makes magazines and is translating his magazine online to make it better
  • he used to make a living producing music. He actually survived on making music
  • he also plans on creating a new band using a bunch of other baby boomers who can still play.
  • He also plans to name the band geriatric rage
  • he study engineering
  • he played in a band during college
  • and then he learned to do audio music to make money
  • when he stop playing music he moved on to a full time advertising company
  • he worked for stephan king. The stephan king. Apparently he owned a bunch of radio stations and he worked at one of them
  • he left the am station because fm was rising up and being better. And his station was not switching
  • he advertised for stephan king. He sold things for him and made people believe that stephan king was making a good radio station
  • he recorded books for stephan king
  • he started making magazines because it was popular
  • people thought he was crazy
  • he got into magazines to get out of advertising
  • he had great editorial integrity
  • he learned that he was not going to make money with bangor metro
  • maine ahead is special! Yah!!!
  • with in the mag he has very important people being talked to. People in madison maine grows tomatoes
  • he sends his mag to very important people to try to influence ideas
  • he is doing what everyone tries to do. He is trying to leave a legacy for his children.
  • Prefers analog over digital
  • print is not dead
  • calls maine ahead a businessmen and executive magazine
  • because he grew up with analog he prefers it. But he really sees no difference between digital and analog
  • he advocates for the magazine but he has his own editors that make the magazine
  • he had a part called private tour that shows the readers what happens in factorizes
  • his mission is to improve maine’s social and economic prosperity
  • persistence and determination and honest and accountable. Traits that will help you will succeed in your field


This was a very interesting speech because Mark has had a very diverse back round. He’s worked with Stephan King and he had interviewed a massive amount of very influential people. Mark seems like he really understands what it takes to succeed in our society. His ideas toward integrity and honesty struck a cord because I understood that he was being totally truthful. I respect that he was honestly admitting what he thought would be most effective to succeed. He seemed like he was a little bit behind the times because he was raised with analog, he prefers it but that did not really bother me. I think his most important message was that with determination, anyone can succeed.

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