class notes 10/15

Jordan Guy

class notes



  • should people live forever?
  • I think not. Its wrong
  • some people want to.
  • Brings back to what makes people what to live forever
  • over population
  • ethics of being human
  • agriculture revolution is almost the same as the information revolution
  • global is as good as local
  • people could grow their own food but is iffy because people are lazy
  • what is catch 22?
  • its a lose lose situation. People who think they are crazy are prob sane. While people who think they are sane are crazy
  • simplistic is overly simple while simplicity is simple in its form
  • people who grow their own food can rely on themselves to eat
  • sharing depends on the use. Someone who has something should only use it for themselves but if you use it with other it is abused
  • when people become really famous they make their own company’s


This class was very interesting. i enjoyed hearing other peoples thoughts and ideas even if I did not agree with them. Some ideas like Jolies were very controversial with in the room and it was fun to talk about them. I like that we began to talk about ethics because i enjoy speaking about those. My ideas are very strong and i like to discuss them.

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