Reading one on week seven

Merely Human? That’s So Yesterday

My response

This idea of the singularity is extremely new to me. I have never heard of those exact ideas being refereed to as the singularity but I have heard several of the ideas before. I completely agree that the computer will continue to shrink almost infinitesimally small. The computer will only be limited by what we can do and what we can do is mind blowing. I agree that soon our use of technology will improve the life spans but in a new way. That way of living will not really be living in a real sense of the word. Its more just an expansion of time for some people. Even if the tech exists, a vast majority will not use it. Some will see it as wrong because of the idea that life can be pushed beyond its natural limit just seems wrong. Many people would see that as a way of cheating death but I personally see it as being terrified of death so much the these men are actually trying to hide from it. I think that is wrong. I am all for using technology to make our lives better but hiding from death is a step to far.

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