Jordan Guy

Class notes 10/8


rylan shook

  • physiology undergrad

  • trying to find a quest for meaning

  • focuses on outreach to start video programs

  • he has a vemieo I think. He puts his work on the site and it outputs hd

  • He has a huge background in film and uses philosophy to find meaning through his work

  • has lots of short films

  • called light characters- light on water. Starts slow goes fast. Changes speed. Study of light on water. Exploratory study very much about learning

  • montreal. Film of people interacting. Adding words can create meaning

  • two film narrative has two screens going at the same times telling a story. One is narrating but the other one is the reenactment

  • become the other- create a sense of seeing another persons side.

  • Autodistruction- to watch the basic properties of something being destroyed. Art as destroying thing. Gustav mesker.

  • Antinahurry- very insects because the film is so close to the ant its really cool to see them.

  • Footbagery- hackysack. Promotion film to promote pro hackey sackyier. He is so good. Crazy shit.

  • Very good speech


I was very interested by the different pieces of work we were shown. Each piece had an artistic flair that was increasingly interesting. I was also very interested in the his ideas of finding a meaning in life by using a artistic output as a way of finding ones self. I have thought deeply about those subject in my life just because I do not believe in a higher power. Finding meaning through art is something I would like to look into deeply to see how that could effect my future life.

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