One on One: Keiji Inafune, Game Designer

This was a very interesting piece because I was actually discussing in class today about globalization of mass marketed material. From an american stand point some material does not transfer across seas while some does. Comedy movies for instance do not transfer well. Comedy is often times specific to the audience it is produced for. Most of the jokes refer to specific aspect of the culture but when that movie is translated across country, the cultures change. The jokes no longer have effects. I think this in a way is very similar. Apparently Japanese developers do not know how to make games that any one could play. They focus to much on specific cultures that do not translate at all. Mr. Inafune actually understands that. He is trying to find material that transfers better, in order to save his country. But I do not understand why more people are not taking him seriously. He has very good ideas. Hopefully he can change the Japanese concept of game development before its too late.

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