code drift reading

Code Drift

Arthur & Marilouise Kroker

Wow. I think a lot of elements with in this reading went way over my head. The author of this paper used a lot of rhetoric to describe about the shift and the ability to change data. He connects Code Drift to the drift within genetics. The drifting of genes changes who we are and allows for diversity of our species. With out genes would not change. The code with in humans beings can be completely different from almost every other human because of genetic drift. I think the author of this paper was trying to say the that technology exists in a similar manner. Which makes me think of codes of programs that can build and change itself. That is a very interesting concept that I would love to learn more about. The rest of this paper was very foreign to me. It referenced ideas that I have no back ground in and I lost the point. Overall what I understood was very interesting and I wish I comprehend more.

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