class notes 10/6

Jordan Guy

NMD 100

class notes 10/6

Jolie came back

  • started on connecting

  • the new social media do not connect people to nature and the real world. Our connection to the world around us is leaving.

  • We do not how to live in the world. Our sense are dull and we could not survive on our own

  • The media only covers what they can control. They do not cover stories that will be good for people.

  • The media does not show something they can not control

  • Every thing we need is held by corporations that charge us more for what we need to survive

  • We should make what we want for when we want it. We should take out the middle man

  • corporations that exist only for profit should die. They do not help our society

  • a commons is a bit of land that anyone can use and share with a community

  • giving back to people is important

  • glolocal being global and local at the same time

  • community based trading is important.

  • Urban gardening is good.

  • Our systems are going to fail.

Jolie had a lot of really good ideas but I think her presentation hurt our understandings. I think that she has an extremest stand point and what will really happen will be some where in the middle. I do agree that our system of corporations are wrong. They have way too much control and they are a major issue to our current system. But I think that there is no way, or a simple way to get rid of the corporations. Their systems have reached too far into our way of life to just be pulled out. She is right that something needs to change in order for our way of life to survive but I think her means will not solve our problems. I think what she wants to happen is a really good idea but I don’t think what she wants could exist. Her ideas are idealistic but not realistic.

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