class notes 10/5

Jordan Guy

Class notes 10/4

Speakers name- Joline Blais

  • Backstory- 72 first cousins, tragic deaths, family fell apart. People traveled away and never became connected to the family when they came back.
  • Several people devolved cancer due to the mill waste poured into their river, mills killed her family. The money that was produced was bad money according to her. Grandmother was killed in a gas explosion
  • All about reconnecting the tribe of your family because we have lost that connection
  • people are out sourcing education instead of teaching your own children.
  • The sense of family is lost
  • But new social revolution is bring it back. WE connect over the internet which allows us to talk to people no matter where they are
  • but the ability to touch is vanishing
  • touch is a very import of communication but modern days are making it not allowed.
  • Old cultures touched each other and they were close and trusting
  • The idea of property split up the native americans so they no longer shared with each. The concept of property changed all out lives. WE cant even share music any more
  • Creative commons
  • we are the web
  • the machine using us vs we are using the machine
  • I want to learn C++
  • data on the internet is not longer secret people and people can buy information about anyone

This was a very interesting class because it explored a topic that I had never really thought of. I never thought of how our family having been drifting apart year by year. But I think that its happened so much already I never really saw it as a change. It was just my way life. I think this is what Joline was specking about. I never knew the connection she was specking of. But I also began to think that what she was speaking of may never return. She said that our connections on face book are replicating what she once had. But I don’t think we, as this generation, see it as that. I think that feeling of connection will never be the same. But is it good or bad?

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