class notes 9/29

Class notes 9/29

Notes on Jon Ippolito

  • we are talking about record and music product
  • artists make money through concerts and other sources instead of cd sales
  • the new media program has several sequences in which the classes are built up to a cretin thing
  • darn, home work is hard
  • always avoid film impingement, makes sure to film with out every single logo or copy righted material and almost everything is copy righted
  • copy right impingement is ridiculous
  • everything is supposed to be produced and in the most part people are
  • if every thing was not copy righted only the big media would win. The big media would still ideas from little folks and use it for their own uses. The big industry does not care about the little people and they would take what they want
  • copy right was supposed to protect the little guy but that did not happen because the big companies have more money and a endless supply of lawyers so they always win. In a way they are taking advantage of the law system
  • inspiration is of two types. There is the idea of coming up with something out of the blue. And then there is the idea of creating something built of off other peoples works that came before it
  • sony is kinda of a monopoly
  • sony makes tons and tons of stuff. The own TV in which they advertise for the rest of their things
  • people never read the licensing agreements. So that people never own anything they buy they just have a licensee to have it
  • old media monopoly do not like anything of the new media
  • when games are opened up like the code becomes available users can create anything
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I really enjoyed this class today. It allowed me to think in a whole new light. I never really considered everything that there is to consider with licensing and copyrighting materials. I never thought talking about such a topic could be interesting but it was. And that surprised me. I was not expecting to be entertained by such a boring idea but Jon made it interesting. I was also surprised to find out that when I buy something, I do not really own it. I just have the rights to it so that I am allowed to use it. I also never knew that the copyright impingement was designed to protect the little party. But in way it makes sense but it also does not work. How can a small time student protect himself from anyone with out any money? But that has no real effect of the idea of the system. The idea itself is a good one, but like many other ideas its use is not as Honorable. Companies with large amounts of money can take what they want when they want it because they have the money to back what they say. This is a very interesting concept, which I have issues with. But mainly these issues exist because there is no way to fix them without totally changing the world.

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