class notes 9/27

NMD 100 notes 9/ 27

Nate Aldrich

  • he worked as a profession musical artist for a long time.
  • Preforming arts. Like plays and stuff like that
  • the he started making art that had to creating a environment that would change what the person who entered thought. Its like an effect instead of a picture
  • he made installation art
  • it has to do with how computers impact act
  • 1 the observational sound scape
  • it is a series of interactive installations designed to be spontaneous audio accompaniment for a public place
  • using input from a video camera a computer converts the activity of a space into a soundscape whose form content reflect the visual and aural phenomena observed, every detected change impacts the piece in some way: sometimes generating audio material and sometimes creating structural variation. The software translates trends of color, density and motion into the timing pitch and spacial character os an audio composition
  • 2 interactive soundscape designer
  • The interactive soundscape designer is software developed during a residency at opera house in stoning ton maine USA. It is intended as an interface for a community or archival database of audio recordings, allowing members of the public to simply and intuitively call up and mix different sound files from the collection
  • the system is designed to be easy to use but also have controls that allow for the unexpected in a n effort to encourage repeated usage and inject an element of artistic interplay. This software was created as a part of a larger effort the promote the audio inter scape
  • kinda of interesting. People could create music using this stuff that was already there
  • 3. the aural ecosystem
  • a series of hardware housing that breed synthesizers. Idk how to spell it. The synthesizers breed and find machines that are similar to itself and then make more. They sound like the little machines were alive. Its weird. Im not fully sure what he is talking about.
  • The aural ecosystem applies the generative structures of nature to the
  • there were 24 different species of synt things. Its weird. Are they alive?
  • Whats going on?
  • The synthesizers are not alive they are just software that is built in a certain way so that the different parts make is “DNA” different. I think.

This class was very interesting. Nate talked about a lot of things that made sense to me. I understood his first two projects because of their simple presentation. The idea of using peoples actions as a random number generator is very creative. I like how he had the camera analyze the the position of people as they began to move. The difference of their paths created a different response and that in its self was very interesting. When people cross a public place they are not really conscious of what they are doing. People are not really thinking about the journey, they are only focused on the end result of the journey. So this experiment analyzed peoples paths and responded in a certain day. I like how the experiments built of each other to create a better end product. The last project was interesting but I don’t think I fully understood it. I thought the machines he built became not self aware but in its self it was able to find others similar to itself so they could interact. I think the science and creativity behind what he doing was ridiculous. He had to create machines that could interact with other machines similar themselves by programing each aspect of the program. The programs had to be able to replicate programs that were almost completely different from themselves. In a way he created a form of life by creating programs that acted like they were going through their actions. It intrigued me because I was not fully sure how he accomplished such a feat. I did not know programs have the ability to function at that level.

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