class notes 9/20

Class notes on the 9/20

  • media has become very complex
  • media has began to remove people from their real lives, they feel separate from the real world and do not fully understand real life experiences
  • they become shut out due to the experiences they have with technologies they no longer care to experience everything in life
  • tech takes away from first hand experiences.
  • We are losing the ability to remember
  • we are losing our ability to speck face to face due to the constant ability of texting and talking online
  • we rely on tech far to much because we can not find our way without GPS and stuff like that
  • we rely on maps to find our ways everywhere we go
  • people relay on media to tell us what to do
  • we have lost some ability’s like making metal maps
  • the idea of writing can be a bad thing
  • we have lost our ability to remember long things like we use to be able to
  • we have the choice to not use tech. We can go for runs even though we have more means of traveling faster
  • we shape our tools and then our tools shape us, we can become really dependent and then we can adapt to how the tools change so that we function
  • tools can change how we act,
  • tech can make people more moral, I think. We can be aware of issues that we would not know of before with out tech. People are more moral due to tech maybe. I don’t really agree
  • people can be assholes and if they are not given a face they can more of jerk just because they know they can not get in trouble
  • we can connect to people that we other wise would have met
  • people don’t really understand what is actually happening
  • some people are jerks
  • some people do not listen to what is right in front of them. They become very ignorant because they are stupid
  • people are mad that they did not get what they want. People are very ignorant of beliefs and other peoples ideas
  • words are powerful and can impact people in strong ways that can be interpreted wrong based on current understandings. Communitarian are complex to begin with so then new media is as well
  • tech has become secondary and we are the center of the tech universe now

I think this class was very interesting. Everyone seems to have their own ideas and understandings of new media. Unfortunately some people are very loud and they tend to try to force their opinions on other people. I found some of that behavior a little loud and obnoxious. But I did enjoy hearing people present their ideas that were respectful. Those people actually contributed to the conversations.

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