week 4 reading 2

The Hidden Center of the “Gutenberg Galaxy”

I never thought of technology being controlled. Its a very interesting concept to think that every that has happened was planed or told to happen by a certain group of people. It makes me think of several different conspiracy theory but this theory conflicts directly with any idea that random events control most of our lives. Control vs. the idea of random events is a very interesting idea because it can become an argument of destiny and mental freedom. I also enjoy the thoughts of losing the ability to remember everything we want. I had never heard of the great art of memory, and hearing about it now is very interesting. I did not know that memory was considered a art to learn but in a way in makes sense. People could remember hours and hours of songs, which is ridiculous by todays standards. I do agree that writing has changed they way everyone has thought and considered the transfer of information. Most people today do not have a great memory due to constant stimulation and lack of focus. We do not have a great ability like our forefathers and that may be due to the idea and concept of writing but there is no real way to prove any of this. Most of this argument makes sense and has a base in reality but there is not real proof to back up an argument of this strength.

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