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Your Brain on Computers: Attached to Technology and Paying a Price


This level of technological dependence scares me. The majority of people do not see the internet as bad and often welcome it into their lives. Its a blessing and a curse. Technologies opens doors and allows for a world wide view of the world. Information is streamed so that people can have access to almost everything they could want. But for all of its good qualities it also brings in a new world of issues. Our minds are not built for constant stimulation but when the access to technologies changes that the mind becomes a new place. Our minds become strained and un-focused. They begin to require constant stimulation so that they can focus at all. This change can occur without people realizing it. That itself can have its own consequences. This generation now, may be the generation with the most capability to process information faster than almost anyone before us but we may be losing our ability to focus.

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