notes for class 9/10

New media 100 notes


Lev Manovich

  • Numerical representation
      objects described mathematically

    • digitization converting continuous inFormation into numerical representation
    • Quantification assigning numerical value from assigned range
    • subject to algorithmic manipulation
    • Modularity, “ a new media object consists of independent parts, each of which consists of smaller independent parts”
    • Automation – programmable routines modify and manipulate new media objects according to a predetermined goals and objectives
    • automation can be sharpening of an image in photoshop, generation of 3d objects by animation software, building dynamic websites on the fly, software agents that search for relevant information or serve as filters that deliver small amounts of information based upon the users criteria or the severs criteria
    • Variability- production on demand, media elements are stored in a media database, a number of different interfaces can be created from the same data, computer programs can use information about the user to customize the media composition and or create media elements themselves, branching type interactivity, hypermedia elements and structure are independent to each other, periodic updates software checks for updates web pages modified data changes, scalability different versions of the same object can be generated at carious sizes or levels of detail
    • Transcoding vs transformation

I preferred Manovich over Crosbie. He keeps his argument more open and focuses on the technology side of new media instead of the figurative side. He talks about how pixels and colors came into the area of new media. The idea of colors with in the internet is something that I had never thought about and I was interested that only certain colors can be seen perfectly over everyones computer. Manovich tries to show his audience the work behind new media. He shows the science behind what we today consider New Media.

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