NMD 100


Vin Crosbie

  • Not media
    • magazine
    • television
    • radio
  • those are vehicles for conveying information

Communication media

only three

  • Interpersonal- (one-to-one) both can speak content, can be be personalized, can result in chaos
  • Mass media- (one to many) sane content goes to all recipients, sender has control, recipients have no control over content

Third media is due to

  • Invention of digital communication during the 1940
  • invention of transmission control/internet protocol (tcp/ip) in late 1960’s
  • creation of internet in by arpartnet in 1970’s

ARPA advanced a network with no core center

research fetch ride of everything



  • Introduction of mass-produced, affordable personal computers in the late 1980s

Other factors

  • Development of Hypertext transcript Protocol in late 1980s
  • opening of internet to the public in 1992
  • inversion of mosaic browser now fire fox

Tim burns-Lee

  • invented the first world wide web
  • changed the model of communication of passing and accessing containers of information
  • pursing around viewable documents
  • works a CERN

Communication third media

  • individual messages can be viewed simultaneously to an infinite number of people
  • each recite share reciprocal cannot control over that content
  • Like sky transportation the new media is entirely dependent on technology
  • many to many

Has the new media caused a new revolution?

Technology will unite best aspects of every revolution with no disadvantages

will not replace other forms

Vin Crosbie has a very interesting take on New Media. I agree with several of his points but other things he says makes me think differently. I agree that new media is similar to air transportation in the aspect that it offers another choice to the other alternatives. But I believe that there is more than three different choices. The way he limits himself makes his argument weaker. He does not mention group communication or anything beyond the three ways he describes. I did find it very interesting to find out who actually created the internet as we know it today. His ideas are sound but he needs to focus on what he is actually talking about. He seems very knowledge able but he needs to structure his argument better.

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