What New Media Means to the Class

Class notes

  • New media encompasses every popular medium
  • It incorporates every old medium to bring things forward
  • Updating old mediums
  • Media always changes.
  • Range of new media is great
  • New media means a lot to different people
  • New media allows for expression
  • Transition from “old media”
  • Freedom to combine all art forms to create a new form
  • To enhance and enrich the human experience through the evolution of media
  • Growing and changing constantly
  • Art and technology
  • Life is changed by some forms of tech
  • Now the audience can publish as well
  • New media means opportunities
  • Changing peoples opinion

I was surprised as to the amount of different opinions over one concept. Every single person seemed to see the concept in a different light. People started to show their interests through their answers because their interests changed their perception of New Media. My interests also influenced my opinion. I like to see how new media can be created and interacted with instead of how it actually is.

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